NEET 2022 : Chemistry 40 Days Crash Course

NEET 2022 : Chemistry 40 Days Crash Course

NEET 2022 : Chemistry 40 Days Crash Course

NEET 40 Days Crash Course 2022 Edition - Download PDF. To crack NEET exam with good percentile, you need to practice a good amount of questions with latest pattern and syllabus.  But, practicing mock tests play an important role in your exam preparation. So as per the demand of the students, we have uploaded Chemistry Crash Course NEET for 40 days.

Days  Download 
Day-1-Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry  Click Here
Day-2-Atomic Structure Click Here
Day-3-Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties Click Here
Day-4-Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure Click Here
Day-5-States of Matter ( Gaseous and Liquid State) Click Here
Day-6-Unit Test 1 (General Chemistry) Click Here
Day-7-Chemical Thermodynamics Click Here
Day-8-Equilibrium Click Here
Day-9-Redox Reactions Click Here
Day-10-Unit Test 2 (Physical Chemistry-I) Click Here
Day-11-Hydrogen Click Here
Day-12-S-Block Elements Click Here
Day-13-P-Block Elements (Group 13 & 14) Click Here
Day-14-Unit Test 3 (Inorganic Chemistry-I) Click Here
Day-15-Some Basic Principles and Techniques Click Here
Day-16-Hydrocarbons Click Here
Day-17-Environmental Chemistry Click Here
Day-18-Unit Test 4 (Organic and Environmental Chemistry-I) Click Here
Day-19-Solid State Click Here
Day-20-Solutions Click Here
Day-21-Electrochemistry Click Here
Day-22-Chemical Kinetics Click Here
Day-23-Surface Chemistry Click Here
Day-24-Unit Test 5 (Physical Chemistry-II) Click Here
Day-25-General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements Click Here
Day-26-P-Block Elements (Groups 15 to 18) Click Here
Day-27-The d- and f- Block Elements Click Here
Day-28-Coordination Compounds Click Here
Day-29-Unit Test 6 (Inorganic Chemistry II) Click Here
Day-30-Haloalkanes and Haloarenes Click Here
Day-31-Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers Click Here
Day-32-Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids Click Here
Day-33-Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen Click Here
Day-34-Biomolecules Click Here
Day-35-Polymers Click Here
Day-36-Chemistry in Everyday life Click Here
Day-37-Unit Test 7 (Organic Chemistry II) Click Here
Day-38-Mock Test 1 Click Here
Day-39-Mock Test 2 Click Here
Day-40-Mock Test 3 Click Here
Neet (National) Solved Paper - 2019 Click Here
Neet Solved Paper - 2020 Click Here
Neet Solved Paper - 2021 Click Here

NEET Study Materials 2022

NEET Study Materials 2022
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